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Super extremely luxurious 3-bedroom apartment in Vinhomes Central Park

[FOR SALE] Area: 100m² | Beds: 03 | Baths: 02
Chủ nhà bán gấp căn hộ Vinhomes tòa Park 5 có nội thất nhà đẹp
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  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-2
  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-3
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  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-8
  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-9
  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-10
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  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-12
  • ban-gap-can-ho-landmark-2-vinhomes-tang-7-voi-3pn-2wc-noi-that-cuc-dinh-13
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Detail information

  • Project: Vinhomes Central Park
  • Address: Ward 22, Binh Thanh District
  • For Sale/Rent: Sale
  • Area: 100 sqm
  • Price: 6.4 Billion VND
  • Furniture: Fully furnished
  • Room: 3 Bedsroom, 2 Bathsroom
  • Floor: Landmark 2 Tower, 17th floor

Property decription:

Vinhomes Central Park condominium is located on the ideal position - the bank of the Saigon river with a large scale including three areas: The Central, Landmark and The Park. Each area consists of many apartment building blocks which are designed into 1-4 bedrooms officetel, penthouse and shophouse for rent or sale to create a modern urban area with full of 5-star amenities around such as swimming pool, gymroom, banking, restaurants, smart parking lots, large green park, ...

At the present, we have 3-bedroom Vinhomes Central Park apartment for sale on the 17th floor of the Landmark 2 building with a total area of 100 square meters including 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room and kitchen. Moreover, opening design with large balcony will be the best place to relax or organize mini party with family and friends while enjoying the sparkling and romantic scenery of Saigon river and skyscrapers in neighboring districts.

This Vinhomes Central Park apartment for sale is full of super extremely luxurious furniture. Please kindly to look at the pictures above, the landlord designed and decorated this apartment to become a magnificent palace and it only intends for you when the contract is completed. The selling price of Vinhomes Central Park apartment is 6.4 billion VND:
- Including management fee for 10 years.
- Don’t consist of 5% fee of land-use right certificate.

If you are interested in this Vinhomes Central Park apartment and want to get the best apartment for living, don’t hesitate to contact us via the numbers below to receive further detailed informations and free in visiting. We are ready to serve you anytime with our warm-hearted welcomes.

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